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Eternal Love

for someone very special to me

Eternal Love

Every story has a happy ending, or so they say
Where is my silver lining?
Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?
Where is my pot of gold at the end of the shattered rainbow of my life?
I close my eyes one last time
what do I see?
My Angel…
She doesn’t know me, but I know her
She is my destiny, will I accept it?
Do I want to escape this blackness?
I open my sewn shut mouth
I scream for her, but she does not hear
My voice … silence
My will is broken, but my spirit fights on
What can I ask of her?
Everything and nothing
All I would ever ask of her, but is that too much?
My vision fades, my energy drains
I desperately reach for her, but she vanishes
Faded to blackness
Hope fades

A strong, but gentle hand grasps my near lifeless wrist
A tug, then..light
A shining light of love
As I slowly find my feet her arms cradle me
I feel safe, I feel warm
I feel… Joy
I turn my weak, blurry eyes upward
I behold the face of my heroine, I beg for her to rescue me
Her smile gives me strength, her arms give me safety
Her heart beats for me, and mine for her
My legs gain their strength and hold me up to her
My eyes are clear and keen now
My lips curl into a smile to match hers
She pulls my face to hers, her lips meet mine

Have I found my silver lining?
Have I found my light?
Have I found my pot of gold?
Yes… Happy endings do exist.
Eternal Love…


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