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I am NOT a poet

I don’t claim to be a poet, but i wrote these two items over the last two days or so

My Life Ends

As I sit and wonder if this is all life has to offer
a voice cried out in the darkness
a voice of pain, wanting, and desperation
the voice is mine

I wait in silence for a response
I wait in vane, because none comes
I try to scream, but my voices fails me
I try to stand, but I have no legs to carry me

As I lay here in the chilling blackness
My mind recalls a time of hope
My minds forms a picture of joy
then the vision fades, destroyed by my own inadequacies

A tear streaks down my pale cheek
My life slowly slips away
What do I have to show for this existence?
Memories of a life without meaning

My body aches
My heart breaks
My will fades
My life ends



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