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The times… they are a-changing

So, yeah… things are changing, but i think it’s for the best. My wife and I are sort of living our own lives these days. We have released each other from the strictest sense of the word marriage, or relationship. She is dating, I am getting feelers out there. I suppose curiosity got the best of me. Never thought I’d say this, but GUYS…hmmmm LMAO

My eyes HAVE been opened to more possibilities. Life is funny that way; After my wife and I agreed for this sort of “seperation” we are both SO much happier…she seems to have completely changed as of late. She’s happy, and living her life for her now. She used to spend a LOT of time in bed, it was almost impossible to get her out of it on the weekends. But now?! She’s “up and at em” early nearly every day.

Me? I feel like I have woken up from a long bad dream… or… Like I have been living in a fog, and it has lifted. I feel like I am finally breathing fresh air. I have been taking some “Coping Skills” classes at Kaiser, starting my therapy back up next week… I am just really happy to be alive these days. The future has so many possibilities now. I love my life!


Listening to- Nickelback- Dark Horse (album)- don’t roll your eyes at me, I LOVE em.


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