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My NEXT novel

So ya, my first isn’t even finished (with edits and rewrites) and I am working on my next (and the third in the series as well). Anyway, the female lead in the second book is Bianca. While brainstorming the kind of person (style, attitude, etc) I wanted her to take on this song came on my spotify You tube link for those who don’t have spotify.


She makes me shudder
She makes me shake
At night I think and I want to take her away
Rainbows are on her face
Visions of tattooed chains
Egyptian rain in my world
A princess on her throne

Queen of the nile
Love me like an earthquake
Queen of the nile
Please let me be your king

Down by the quiet sea
No tide of hatred calls to me
Queens last on through the time
I hope the stars say that she’s mine

Mysterious, delirious, I wonder if she knows
Mindtamer, magicmaker, fortuneteller of long ago

Queen of the nile
I dream all over you
Save me from all I fear
My pyramids they wait for you

I don’t know why, but I see this sort of gypsy-woman. Very free spirited, and happy. So go good with my Male MC Stephen- a “doesn’t believe true love exists” type of guy. He will see it does, when he returns to the states after a year overseas (he’s a high profile architect), and meets his brother (Alex)’s <REDACTED>  Daphne, and how crazy they are about each other. 

So ya, it’s nice to have some creative juices flowing, hopefully it stays that way.


Listening to- Dangerous Toys (Queen of the Nile and Gypsy (Black and Blue Valentine))


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