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I have virtually none at this time. I really don’t know why, but i am having a hard time getting anything done. I have the desire, just not the mindset. I have this strong urge to draw, but it’s just not happening. I have been working on two scenes for my novel (one is OK, but too short at the moment, the other starts off great (2 paragraphs) then rambles pointlessly. It really sucks. I want to do these things, but every  time I think about writing or drawing, i just “let it go”.

I know I need to sit down and just do it, but for some reason I can’t. As I said I have been working on 2 scenes for my novel… well, one scene really has no point. I mean it does, but it seems aimless. It’s supposed to be a small glimpse into the mind of one of my MCs (main characters), but it really fell flat quickly. With my folks coming to visit in two weeks I think maybe I am stressed out about that, but I don’t know why. They have met Melanie (last year), I guess i still freak out about it.

Anyway, I need to figure out where this block is coming from and get my butt in gear.



listening to- Dangerous Toys


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