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Here I am

So, here I am. Hanging out at home (as usual)… with a nagging cough that has lasted about a month now. (pretty typical for me this time of year). Thinking about “stuff”. I have a really difficult time being a positive person most of the time. (Hell I don’t even 100% believe my header). I wish I could figure out how to motivate myself. I need to lose weight so I can get my GRS, I need to continue to work on my second graphic novel, I need to finish the first edit or my first novel and get on the rewrites, I need to flesh out the characters for my second novel and begin plotting it out… I need to do alot of things… I just don’t have any motivation.

I’m sure this sounds like I am whining, and i am to a point. I have tons of free time, but I have a hard time focusing on what’s important. I tend to use the internet, my cats, or netflicks to keep me from what i SHOULD be doing. I need to get back in with a therapist (it’s been about 2 months), and I still haven’t found a doctor with my new insurance. That whole situation has been VERY frustrating.

Anyway, I will get off my butt now and get a shower i DO have an errand to run, which I usually don’t have much issue getting done.

Listening to- Dangerous Toys


PS I added an artwork page (link at the top right).


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